AgRover Features Image

Fuel Economy

Load (kg)

km/L mi/gal
 70 26 62
 500 23 53
 900 18 41


Suspension on all three wheels provides driving comfort, load safety, and vehicle durability. Unique rear suspension design provides high roll stiffness.

Automotive Driving Controls

Driving is simple with controls just like a car. Automotive clutch, brake, accelerator, and shifting means that if you know how to drive an automobile, you know how to drive the AgRover

Vehicle Speed

Transmission provides five forward speeds and one reverse gear. Maximum speed in first gear is 6 km/h and the maximum speed in fifth gear is 32 km/h.


Whether it is farm produce, bags of grain, or barrels of water, the AgRover is built to carry all your loads. Rated at 1 ton (1000 kg), the AgRover easily handles your off-road transport needs.


Unlike two wheel tractors with an attached trailer, the AgRover has hydraulic brakes on all wheels, an important safety feature for driving with a full load.

Power Take-Off

Easily attach water pumps, maize grinders, generators, threshers, and many other equipments.

Local Materials

All parts are locally manufactured or easily available for replacement locally. This means a quicker repair time to keep your operation up and running.

Vehicle Weight

Thanks to an efficient frame design, the AgRover is light relative to the payload it can carry. Compared to a Toyota Hilux, the AgRover weighs less than half but can still carry three quarters of the payload.